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Our approach to ESG

Trustpilot is a ‘purpose-driven’ organisation, seeking to provide a ‘trust-layer’ for the open commerce ecosystem, and Trustpilot’s employees are passionate about Trustpilot’s mission to become a universal symbol of trust. As part of this, we recognise our responsibility to contribute to our stakeholders, including broader society and the environment and are committed to operating with and promoting sustainable business practices. We believe that there is a correlation between acting responsibly and Trustpilot’s future success.

Trustpilot’s Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) strategy is a key area of focus for the Group, overseen by a cross-functional steering committee, reporting to the senior management team, comprised of the CEO, CFO and the heads of other key functional areas within the Group.

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We are committed to engaging with all our stakeholders

Our corporate culture encourages engagement, which is reflected in the enthusiasm of our employees, and we’re doing our best to listen closely and respond meaningfully to feedback from every rung of our organisation. We also work closely with external stakeholders, including investors, business customers, the consumers who use our services, and suppliers.

In 2021, Trustpilot intends to undertake a materiality assessment with key stakeholder groups, in order to identify issues which matter most to them and to the success of the business, and to understand where Trustpilot has opportunities to make a positive difference. These topics will form the basis of Trustpilot’s ESG reporting framework and inform Trustpilot’s business strategy.

We’re a purpose-driven business with a clear vision for the future

We built an open and transparent platform where trust is earned: because when there’s trust, it benefits us all. At Trustpilot, our strategy is to create trust between the consumers and businesses that shape each other’s world where everyone can prosper.

What does this look like day-to-day? Our team may be spread across the globe, but you can find us solving some of the biggest problems in online trust, together.

We’re working hard on our mission to become a universal symbol of trust, to bring consumers and businesses together, and to deliver on our Trust Promise.

We keep content integrity at the core of our value proposition, through our ongoing investment in people and technology.

And we’re building trust with the world around us when it comes to our environmental impact, diversity, inclusion, and support for local charities.


We care deeply about the environment and future generations

While we’re not in the business of manufacturing or distributing physical products that put stress on our natural resources, we do believe that everyone has an important role to play in protecting our environment.

So, we look closely at the environmental impact of our global offices — and carefully consider how and when we travel between them. Though office attendance and global travel reached an all-time low last year, there are plenty of impactful green initiatives to improve the way we do business when we return.

For maximum effect, these initiatives are tailored to the culture and surrounding community of each office — from minimising waste through a weekly charity pickup of food leftovers to feed the hungry in New York City, or equipping our largest office in Copenhagen with package-free coffee, to increasing reusable kitchen and office supplies, and improving recycling infrastructure in all of our locations. In addition, 2019 was the first year during which Trustpilot was a completely cloud-based company, and Trustpilot continues to be at the forefront of the initiative for businesses to move to serverless operations.

No matter where we’re working, Trustpilot is home to individuals who care about the world around them and those who will inherit it. We intend to harness the positive energy and ideas of our people as we build on our ESG strategy including alignment with the recommendations set out by the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

Our core values support our strategy, culture and how we do business

Our mission is ambitious, and we know that to achieve it we must continue earning trust by operating responsibly as a global business. We have a set of shared values which guide all that we do and give everyone at Trustpilot a chance to shape our impact on the world around us.

With offices in three continents and over 40 nationalities represented, the team at Trustpilot may look different on the surface — but across the board we’re committed to being Open to All, Always with Integrity, Positively Human, and Collaborative. You could say our culture is one where different perspectives are truly invaluable.

That said, we recognise that our work in these areas is never done. As an organisation, we’re already diverse from a gender perspective with 41% of our employees identifying as female — but we’re focused on continually improving in all areas of diversity. With that in mind, we’ve adapted our hiring and employee referral practices for inclusivity, and designed development workshops aimed at mitigating unconscious bias, which are now part of standard onboarding processes in each market.


Our Trustpilot Women in Leadership initiative has been instrumental in empowering women to step into leadership positions.

Best of all, this group is open to all Trusties, no matter their gender identity — and their work has an impact at every level of our organisation. Whether they’re elevating the visibility of our women in leadership, identifying common challenges women are facing and working with leadership to address them, rolling out career mentorship programs, or giving back to local women’s charities, this group is sparking change throughout the business.

In 2018, this group set out to improve inclusivity among Trustpilot’s leadership teams and incorporate more diverse perspectives into our strategic decision-making— and it’s no coincidence that in just one year we doubled the number of women in senior leadership and board roles at Trustpilot, resulting in 38% female-identifying senior management team.

Our board also reflects our core values: it’s diverse and inclusive, and passionate about maintaining this balance with a Trust and Transparency Committee reporting directly to the board.

The incentive mechanisms adopted by the board’s Remuneration Committee include a company bonus consistent with the long-term objectives of the business.

And it doesn’t stop there — we’re also rolling out an All Stars program in 2021 to give a cohort of Trustpilot superstars real-world leadership experience, and the opportunity to coach and be coached by young adults from underrepresented backgrounds. This will encourage leaders across our organisation to understand and take action to address social inequality.

We are proud to support Trusties in Colour, our newest employee group focused on providing internal support, education, and mentorship programs to counteract implicit biases and drive professional growth for minority groups within Trustpilot.

Perhaps most impressive is this group’s effort to expand their reach into local communities by making it easier for people of all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds to find employment at Trustpilot. In fact, Trusties in Colour catalysed an important change: at their recommendation we expanded our talent pool by eliminating the bachelor’s degree requirement for entry level roles. We know it’s in all of our best interest to invite a broader range of perspectives to sit at the table with us. And because of this group’s hard work, all new joiners will be met with equal job opportunities, mentorship and educational programming, and meaningful community service initiatives when they get here.

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