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Our vision is to create a universal symbol of trust

Full Year Results, 2022
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Reviewed domains

Almost a million businesses have been reviewed on Trustpilot

Active domains

These are businesses inviting reviews and displaying their TrustScore

$162 million
Annual recurring revenue (31 December 2022)

Supported by 100% LTM net dollar retention rate

Peter Holten Mühlmann, Founder and CEO, Trustpilot

A purpose-driven business

"Our vision is to become a universal symbol of trust, empowering consumers to make confident, informed purchasing decisions while allowing businesses to fill the trust gap by demonstrating the quality of their services and to gain actionable insights to improve it."

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“89% of consumers check reviews prior to purchasing.”

Canvas8, The critical role of reviews on Internet trust – 2020.
Average of results, France, UK and US

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About Trustpilot

Trustpilot was founded in 2007 with a vision to create an independent currency of trust. We believe that the need for trust is now greater than ever. Too much trust has been lost – in all walks of society – as fake news and disinformation have distorted the truth.

At Trustpilot, we bring businesses and consumers together, to foster trust and inspire collaboration. We want to help consumers find trustworthy information which lets them make informed purchase decisions and shop with confidence. The reviews on Trustpilot are real opinions from real people and we employ robust processes to detect and remove fake information. The platform is free to use, open to everybody and built on transparency. Nothing is hidden.

We also want to give businesses the opportunity to engage with their customers on Trustpilot. Our products and services offer businesses organised intelligence to help them improve the experience they offer and grow more efficiently.

The more consumers use our platform and share their own opinions; the richer the insights we offer businesses; and the more opportunities they have to earn the trust of consumers, from all around the world.

Over 213 million consumer reviews of businesses and products of over 893 thousand domains have been posted on Trustpilot and those numbers are growing by more than one review per second. Trustpilot widgets generate almost 9 billion monthly online impressions.

Trustpilot has over 900 employees and is headquartered in Copenhagen, with operations in London, Edinburgh, New York, Denver, Melbourne, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Milan.

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